Where the river meanders along the ravine

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Skarsmölla sekSkarsmölla planSkarsmölla is originally the site of the Skarsmölla watermill, where the river meanders along a steep ravine. The mill house has long since been moved and built in a new place in the village nearby. Remaining on the site were the mill wheel and an old summer cottage built on the remains of the mill house foundation. An inspection showed that the summer house could not be preserved, instead a new house was built on the site of the old mill.

The new Skarsmölla received the same location and building volume as the old mill house to fit in with a local tradition, both in terms of building type and location in the landscape. The mill wheel and the old stones from the ground became steps into the house from all sides. The house is small but the large windows let the surrounding brook ravine and the large meadow also be the experience of the inside of the house.

Location:    Southern Sweden
Year:          2016-2019