Adapt and extract
Mimic the site!

Adapt and Extract

A residential landscape on the west coast of Sweden. The site is situated in a rocky terrain by an old fishing village that is to be converted into a housing area. In this project we tried to mimic the rocks when working with the buildings so they would merge with the surrounding landscape. We created valleys and common green with local plants and resources that could adjust in this extreme climate. Adaptation of site.

Location: Klevens Udde, Sweden
Client: PEAB
Collaborator: Wingårdhs Arkitekter

Everything Follows

Living Biotopes

A city park in a new sustainable development for app. 1000 inhabitants. We started this project by introducing the park so it could progress during the construction time merging with the new development. By connecting natural systems and preserve natural resources we conceived: water management, preservation of farmlands, wild life corridors, biological and social habitats. The park will work as an internal communication for people, animals and natural processes. Organizing the building units around it.

Biotopes for real

High Level Nature

A rooftop park in the center of Stockholm. An area of 3500 m2 will be recreated as a biological platform that can serve both social and ecological functions. In this project we worked with three layers: a base of extreme natures inspired by the dry hillside biotopes, a floating wood deck and add-ons to conceive wind shelter and habitats for insects and birds.