Living Biotopes
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Living Biotopes

A city park in a new sustainable development for app. 1000 inhabitants. We started this project by introducing the park so it could progress during the construction time merging with the new development. By connecting natural systems and preserve natural resources we conceived: water management, preservation of farmlands, wild life corridors, biological and social habitats. The park will work as an internal communication for people, animals and natural processes. Organizing the building units around it.


Location: Skåne, Sweden
Client: Expendo AB
Collaborator: HHL Arkitekter, IVL Svenska miljöinstitutet, Ramböll och WSP Halland
Size: 30 ha

Listen to the landscape

Follow the Flow

The objective was to create a master plan for 200 summerhouses in the surroundings of the southwestern Aegean coastland in Turkey. The site is located in natural sloping grassland. The basic structures for the new development are all about working with the existing, keep natural drainage/ flow, preserve native plant and save as much as possible during construction. The units were carefully placed and followed the topography.