Adapt and extract
Mimic the site!

Adapt and Extract

A residential landscape on the west coast of Sweden. The site is situated in a rocky terrain by an old fishing village that is to be converted into a housing area. In this project we tried to mimic the rocks when working with the buildings so they would merge with the surrounding landscape. We created valleys and common green with local plants and resources that could adjust in this extreme climate. Adaptation of site.

Location: Klevens Udde, Sweden
Client: PEAB
Collaborator: Wingårdhs Arkitekter

How to take advantage of the extremes!

Resourceful Attitude

In our office we don’t use things that can be broken or be worn down in the long run. We focus on the two extremes: the long lasting resource of materials and the short span of life in temporary constructions. If you think of the stone pavement of Via Apia, you still can use it! It gets even more beautiful of the wear and tear of centuries. If you grow tired of the site, just move and reuse the material. If you on the other hand use as little as possible of resources, you can work with small and quick means. Go for locally grown wood. This is our attitude!